• Xiaotang CHENGBeijing Normal University
    The design and use of multimodal resources in primary English teaching
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  • Rod ELLISCurtin University
    Doing task-based language teaching with beginner-level learners
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  • María del Pilar GARCÍA MAYOUniversidad del País Vasco (UPV/EHU)
    Primary school children using collaborative tasks in an EFL setting: Findings from research and challenges ahead
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  • Jonathan NEWTON Victoria University of Wellington
    Culture learning for young learners in the foreign language classroom: Objections, opportunities and objectives
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  • Annamaria PINTERThe University of Warwick
    10 principles based on 20 years of research, teaching and practice in the area of teaching English to young learners
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  • Yafu GONGNational Institute of Education Sciences
    Integrating of English language education into whole-person development
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