Prof. WEN Qiufang
Beijing Foreign Studies University, China

Qiufang Wen is a professor of applied linguistics and a full-time researcher at the National Research Center for Foreign Language Education and the Consortium for Chinese Studies and Intercultural Communication, Beijing Foreign Studies University. She has taught Applied Linguistics and English for over 30 years and is now supervising ten doctoral students, having supervised a previous 42 to obtain their Ph.D. degrees. She is an experienced researcher, editor and reviewer, having published over 150 articles and 20 books on applied linguistics with a focus on English teaching and learning as a foreign language. She is President of the China English Language Education Association and the editor of the Chinese Journal of Applied Linguistics (in English) and of Foreign Language Education in China (in Chinese). She serves as a member on editorial boards of several international journals. She has presented at over 100 national and international conferences, many as a keynote speaker, and frequently conducts various kinds of workshops for university English teachers’ professional development in China. Her current research interests include L2 teaching and learning, teacher professional development, and national language capacity.