Prof. MEI Deming
Shanghai International Studies University, China

Deming MEI, PhD in linguistics and rhetoric; Professor of English and linguistics, Shanghai International Studies University (SISU); PhD advisor for the Graduate English Language & Literature Program and the Graduate Educational Linguistics Program, SISU; Researcher on second language acquisition and bilingual education, SISU; Professor of the Research Center for Foreign Language Strategy of China and Chairman of the Academic Committee, SISU; Dean of the College of International Programs, SISU; Member of the National Curriculum and Textbook Development & Examination Expert Committee, Ministry of Education (MOE); English curriculum developer and textbook examiner, MOE; Member of the Foreign Language Education Committee of China Education Association; Member of the Expert Committee of China Accreditation Test for Translators and Interpreters; Member of the Expert Committee of Shanghai Interpretation Accreditation Test; Developer of more 30 English textbooks for university students; Examiner of over 100 national English textbooks from primary to secondary education. Published over 40 books, handbooks, textbooks and dictionaries.