About Us

The Shanghai Center for Research in English Language Education (SCRELE) was established in 2016 by the Shanghai Municipal Education Commission to push forward city-wide English curriculum innovations in basic education through in-depth university-school collaborations. Based at Shanghai International Studies University, SCRELE involves researchers, teacher educators and teachers from major universities, education development institutes, and schools in Shanghai and scholars from other parts of China. In particular, as one of the key research centers for humanities and social sciences in Shanghai, SCRELE aims to establish strong connections and collaborations with researchers, teacher educators and practitioners from overseas educational institutions.

According to its first five-year plan, SCRELE will undertake to achieve the following goals: (1) implementing new English curriculum standards covering Year 1 to Year 12; (2) developing a new set of textbooks and new learning resources for the new curriculum; and (3) educating teachers to work effectively to achieve the new curriculum standards.

SCRELE is now working with schools in Shanghai (e.g. Haitong Primary School, Shanghai Foreign Language School Affiliated to SISU, Fuxing Senior High School, Shanghai Beijiao School, etc.) and other parts of China in their school-based curriculum innovation projects through ongoing collaborations.